Cult Wanderer’s Monthly Round-Up: September 2017

So September 2017 marks SIX MONTHS on the road! Six months since I left the US, hit the road and changed my life.  Feeling so blessed for all of the adventures, people, experiences, lessons, and everything that has touched my life in these six months.  When I wrote my last round-up, I was in writing from León, Nicaragua, an awesome city in the north of the country with a very powerful and sobering history.  I am currently in another very hot part of the world, which is, very fittingly, where all of this began – TULUM!  Tulum was where I truly started my trip (technically I started it in Playa del Carmen before moving on to Tulum), where I met my traveling companion and got my feet wet in slow traveling.  So what happened this past month?




Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico








Antigua – traveled through here on the way from Nicaragua back up to Mexico.



San Cristobal de las Casas, Tulum



My time on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua.  While a bit fraught (you can read about my dirt-eating experiences in this blog post), it was also truly magical.  I hope one day to be back and that when I do, I won’t be too afraid to rent a bike again!




Living through the biggest earthquake in Mexico since 1985!  Three earthquakes hit Mexico within a month of each other, devastating Oaxaca and Mexico City in particular.  The first earthquake took place just off the coast of the state of Chiapas, which is where I happened to be.  Luckily nothing was destroyed and no one was hurt where I was staying, but it was a completely surreal experience sitting in my room watching Netflix and suddenly the walls are wiggling and I am wondering when did I take the drugs I don’t remember taking? Am I tripping?

Another not-so highlight were the two shuttle journeys I took to cross country borders.  The first left Leon, Nicaragua and made its way to Antigua, Guatemala, crossing three countries (we drove through Honduras and El Salvador) and far too many borders. The second trip was from Antigua to San Cristobal, Mexico.  Both trips took nearly the entire day and ended up being ridiculously difficult for me, mind, body and soul.  It was worrying to find myself struggling so much after doing just fine on countless chicken bus trips bouncing through Central America.  If any one has any tips on what to do when you find your long-journey-taking capabilities declining, I would appreciate some word of wisdom!




Discovering Chalupas (more on that below) and being reminded that eating vegan on the road doesn’t have to be hard if you don’t want it to be.



This photo of my favorite street food stop in Antigua, Guatemala, where I ate every day for a week.  Pictured is a Chalupa, which is a a large tortilla cooked in a salsa verde with beans, then topped with more beans, salsa rojo, and loads of veggies and chiles.  Easily made vegan by just asking them to hold the cheese and meat, and you are still looking at a ridiculously flavorful and filling dish.  The other dish is plátanos smothered in delicious mole.  Why is this my favorite photo, you ask?  Clearly you have not looked down at the photo yet.


My post about Leon, Nicaragua.  Learning about the history of the city was a really fascinating and eye-opening experience for me.




I will be spending the next month relaxing and working and drinking margaritas in Tulum – and then I will be heading home to the US for the holidays!  I plan to make my way through DC, NYC and North Carolina while home.  I will then fly down south after the new year, to make my way to Uruguay to spend their summer with my Uruguayan family at Punta del Este!

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