Infinite Moments, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

I have essentially posted nothing about my time in Guatemala.  I have passed through the country and am currently on the pacific side of Costa Rica, soaking up the sun we get between the rain (that’s what you get for going during rainy season).  Guatemala is a special place that creates an individual connection with each person who passes through.  Lake Atitlan was one of the first places that spoke to me before I left for my trip, and I was extremely excited to come see this beautiful lake with towns situated around it lying on mountain sides.  Special moments are easy to come by here, and every sunset brings magic.  There are few places on earth more picturesque and serene.  I felt lost some moments, as I often do regardless of where I am.  Perhaps it came from hyping the place up too much in my mind before arriving, staying in the wrong lakeside town for my tastes, or my typical ability to get caught in the weeds and not see the full landscape that’s laid out before me.  But even in those moments one can walk to the docks as the sun sets over the mountains and be still for a moment, lost not in your own worries but in the thick dark blue setting over the mountain ridges.  Realizing in that moment that there is only this, this moment, this place, this granule of sand, and each granule contains a lifetime. So here’s to the richness of it all, realizing the world is large, that each moment is infinite, that there is everywhere to go, everything to explore, and every part of you to be.  Realizing every new experience we crave is about to happen, is happening, is here.  How we receive it is up to us.

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