On the Road Recipes: Chola Vegan Tacos

I have arrived in Tulum and am taking it slow and easy.  I am currently staying in the town, a 20-minute bike ride from the beach, while I rest up and get things done before moving to the beach to stay.  With ample time and space, I have been cooking all my meals and truly enjoying it.  Everything here is fresh and delicious and there are always new ingredients and tastes to discover, even in your own kitchen.  This recipe was pulled together by accident.  I was craving some fresh corn tacos and the fridge is always stuffed full of fresh fruit and veg,  and these tacos just came to life.  They are perfect eaten at home or on the go, and the fresh tortillas are ready to eat without any extra prep.  And even though they are 100% vegan, the richness and variety of the flavors and textures is enough to satisfy any meat-eating friends.  If you want, come on over to mi casa en Tulum and I will make them for you, along with a delicious Indio beer and a cool summer breeze, all included.


Serves 4 people (or two people with embarrassingly large appetites). 

Packet of freshly made corn tortillas

One large white onion

3 medium-sized carrots

One third of a large purple cabbage

One large eggplant

3-4 cloves of garlic

One medium-sized bell pepper

1 medium-sized zucchini – we used a Mexican pumpkin, which was delicious but may not be available to you locally

1-2 spoonfuls of mole

Large sprinkle of oregano

Large sprinkle of rosemary

Handful of fresh cilantro

Salt and pepper

One large avocado

2-3 chile chipotles

3 small tomatoes

One lime

Start by cutting up your veggies julienne-style.  Finely dice up your garlic.

I am obsessed with cooking with coconut oil.  It gives a delicious flavor to everything you cook, is safe to cook at high temperatures unlike olive oil, and can be used for loads of other purposes as well from body moisturizer to a hair mask to sun protector.
Start your pan off with a generous helping of the stuff.

Then throw in your sliced and diced onion and garlic.  In my opinion, when it comes to garlic, the more the better.

Let those brown off before tossing in your peppers.

Also add the carrots and and cabbage.  We want to throw in the firmer veggies first so they can cook off for longer.

Next toss in the sliced eggplant and zucchini (in our case, Mexican pumpkin – yum!).

We are in Mexico so mole goes without saying.  Mole negro is a traditional Mexican mole that is made of chilies pepper, garlic, onion, chocolate and a regional plant called hoja santa.  It is thick, rich and delicious.  I recommend you mix yours up with a little bit of water before adding to make it creamier so that it will mix in smoother.

Then throw in the rest of your spices – rosemary, oregano, salt, pepper.  Experiment with whatever else you may have in the kitchen that sounds good.  I also threw in some chipotle, but I only recommend this if you are able to handle spicy food, as the mole already has chili in it.

Let it cook while you keep stirring everything up.  Cook until everything is thoroughly mixed, all the veggies have softened and all the flavors are bursting.

Next up, the guacamole.  Like I said, were in Mexico!  Plus avocado is my life after 11am (before 11am my life is coffee.  I am a simple girl).  Here is a simple and easy guacamole recipe, with a bit of a twist.


One large avocado

One quarter of a white onion, finely diced

3 small tomatoes, finely diced

Small handful of cilantro, finely cut

1-2 chipotles, diced

1-2 cloves of garlic

1 lime

Salt and pepper

Oh yeah check out that beauty:

Slice her up and toss her in your bowl along with the onion, tomato, cilantro, salt and pepper.  Then add the special ingredient to give your guacamole some edge: the chipotle!  Que rico…

After you mix everything up, make sure to wait until the end to add the lime so the acid doesn’t have too long to sit in the mixture.

And you are done!   Grab your tortillas and fill them up.
Mmmmmm…. tortillas.

Recommended eaten on a sunny beach with friends, beers and a dog named Chola.

Chola and I, the namesake of these delicious tacos and my companion for a long day at the beach.

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